Who doesn't enjoy a good game of chess?

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Who doesn't enjoy a good game of chess?

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Re: Who doesn't enjoy a good game of chess?

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Charlie Mike,

That was a good game to watch. Thanks.

I enjoy chess. I used to play a lot with my son until we moved away. Now, my computer is my regular opponent. I have the Chess Lv.100 game on all my computers (available free from Microsoft store). It allows a setting for difficulty, which I use depending on my time and intent,

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Re: Who doesn't enjoy a good game of chess?

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I should get back into chess, which I drifted away from when I discovered the internet and it's myriad wiles. I started in high school, began playing in local tournaments, joined the USCF (later became a Life Member) and was working my way up the ratings, reaching a high of 1700. I once played (lost, of course, just one of 30 others) in a simultaneous against Dr. Leroy Dubeck, who later became the President of the USCF.

The best game I ever played was in a tournament in San Antonio when in the final round I was vastly outmatched because the expert player who SHOULD have been matched messed up his fourth game and withdrew, leaving me to contend with a master-level player. I knew I had no chance of winning so I could just experiment a bit.

A co-worker USAF crypto instructor had played the master early on and was irritated because the master was reading a comic book between moves! So, my turn. As I recall we were maybe ten moves into the game when I took some time and thought ahead the furthest I'd ever managed, a seven move combination. I made my first move and he quickly made the expected reply. My 2nd move, ditto reply. My 3rd move.. and he saw something of concern! He took something like seven minutes by the clock.. and did NOT make carefully crafted reply that I wanted. I knew I was done. I said "What if I did this?" He said "I'd do THIS." And after a bit I resigned. But I still felt good, considering. A bit later he became the Texas State Champion...

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Re: Who doesn't enjoy a good game of chess?

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Chess is cool, but has any one played Go?

I love that game. I'm not any good but it fascinates me.

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