why undertesting of drugs can be hazardous

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why undertesting of drugs can be hazardous

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And expensive to the already overburdened taxpayers:


What's happened to Thalidomide babies?

In November 1961, I was five months old. My family had no idea why their otherwise healthy baby boy had been born with short arms, twisted hands and no thumbs.

But by the end of that month, the truth was finally out in the open.

After a German newspaper reported that Thalidomide was the likely cause for the mysterious spate of disabled babies born in Germany since 1958, the drug's producer, Chemie Gruenenthal, caved in to growing pressure, and on 26 November withdrew all products containing Thalidomide from what had been very lucrative, over-the-counter sales.

A few days later, Thalidomide's British licensee, Distillers, followed suit in the UK. But by then, the damage was done.....
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Re: why undertesting of drugs can be hazardous

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FDA approved.....Thalidomide.
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Re: why undertesting of drugs can be hazardous

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And the ONLY way to know long term effects of any drug is TIME.

For example ranitidine (Zantac) which is "just a heartburn medication" was approved by the FDA in 1983. It was recalled in 2020 due to its potential to cause cancer.

The possible long term side effects of the ChiVi vac on the immune system or other aspects of human biology won't be known for years. It was rushed through development and approval with less than two years of clinical trials.

JMHO but I think anyone who gets vac'd needs to sign an informed consent document acknowledging the inherent risks of having this drug injected into their bodies.
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Re: why undertesting of drugs can be hazardous

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My cholesterol med was changed in 2005, for whatever reason, while I was still receiving treatment on military bases (before I turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare). A little less than a year later the docs switched me back to the med I had been previously using, no explanation.

The med I had been given for most of a year was named "Baycol," manufactured by Bayer, a reputable company.

"A cholesterol-lowering drug taken by 700,000 Americans — Bayer Pharmaceutical's Baycol — was pulled off the market Wednesday because of muscle destruction linked to 31 U.S. deaths and at least nine more fatalities abroad.Jul 10, 2006."

S**t happens...
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Re: why undertesting of drugs can be hazardous

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Why waiting for Corona Virus drugs is dangerous?

Because people were (and still are) dying wholesale.
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