Discussion Rules

Our rules are very simple. We view ourselves as an open community allowing for all political opinions. We do have a few rules to ensure that we have an exchange of ideas rather than constant flame wars. You must also follow all governing laws of the United States.

1st Amendment: No derailing of threads with personal attacks involving slurs. This includes homophobic and transphobic slurs, ableist slurs, slurs that are commonly directed at men or women’s body parts and racial slurs. We are all adults here and can handle the occasional cuss word. What we don't want to see is thread after thread turning into obnoxious, overused "I know you are but what am I" insults.

2nd Amendment: Absolutely no death threats or doxxing of members. It’s okay to post about a potential sock account and someone with their information already freely available online, but any hacking, obtaining of IP addresses or any other malicious hacks will not be tolerated. Anyone found abusing this amendment will face a permanent ban.

3rd Amendment: No spamming board with excessive post after post regarding the same (or similar) topic. It is better to make quality posts and participate in meaningful discussion, rather than posting 50 videos within 50 minutes. As of this time, nobody is breaking this rule. When it is excessive, it will be obvious.

4th Amendment: Don’t post anything not related to political discussion in the main forums. This rule mostly includes porn and gore. You’re still allowed to talk about these topics but only if they’re relevant to the current political landscape (i.e. politicians proposing porn bans, scandals involving politicians, etc.).

5th Amendment: For off-topic subjects we do have a "safe space" and "entertainment" categories. These can include any topic you want, but please keep it PG-13. Absolutely no name calling or insults of any kind will be allowed in the non-political categories. They're meant to serve as a way to take a "time out" from politics.